Running a simulation

There are two ways to call smuthi:

  • From a Python script. This option is more flexible regarding how to run and evaluate the simulations, and is thus the recommended way to run a simulation.
  • From the command line with an input file. No programming erperience required.

In order to avoid incorrect simulation results or unnecessarily high computational effort, please consider the simulation guidelines.

Python scripting

In the examples section you can find a number of example scripts that illustrate the use of Smuthi. Edit and run these scripts to get a quick start.

For furhter details, the API section contains a description of all of Smuthi’s modules, classes and functions.

Call from command line

Alternatively, Smuthi can be executed from the command line together with one argument, specifying the input file that contains the parameters of the configuration to be simulated.

Open a command window (shell or Win Python Command Prompt) and type:

smuthi path/to/input.dat

If smuthi is called without an argument, it uses an example_input.dat. The output should look like this:


replace screenshot by current version


Input files

When Smuthi is called from the command line, the input file uses the YAML format. Download an example file example_input.dat and play around with its entries to get a quick start.

For a detailed explanation of the specified parameters, see the section on input files.