This section contains a number of exemplary simulation scripts to illustrate the use of Smuthi. Each tutorial is supposed to illustrate a certain aspect of the software. Click on the respective tutorial names to view a brief discussion.

No. Tutorial level script Google colab
1 Setting up a simulation introductory download link
2 Plotting the near field introductory download link
3 Plotting the far field introductory download link
4 Non-spherical particles intermediate download n/a
5 Dipole sources intermediate TBD n/a
6 Gaussian beams intermediate TBD n/a
7 Automatic parameter selection advanced download n/a
8 Many particle simulations advanced download n/a
9 Multipole decomposition intermediate download n/a
10 Periodic near field intermediate download n/a
11 Plane wave coupling advanced download n/a


This section contains a number of benchmarks between Smuthi and other codes with regard to accuracy and/or runtime. Click on the respective benchmark names to view a brief discussion.

No. Benchmark other method script and data
1 Four particles in slab waveguide FEM download
2 Fifteen periodic spheres in slab FEM download