Main publication describing SMUTHI (if you use the software for a scientific publication, please cite this):

[Egel et al. 2021]
Amos Egel, Krzysztof M Czajkowski, Dominik Theobald, Konstantin Ladutenko, Alexey S Kuznetsov, Lorenzo Pattelli: “SMUTHI: A python package for the simulation of light scattering by multiple particles near or between planar interfaces”, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 273, 2021, 107846, DOI: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2021.107846

Publications that describe the theory behind Smuthi:

[Theobald 2017]
Dominik Theobald, Amos Egel, Guillaume Gomard, Uli Lemmer: “Plane-wave coupling formalism for T-matrix simulations of light scattering by nonspherical particles.” Physical Review A 96.3 (2017): 033822.
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[Egel et al. 2016b]
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[Egel et al. 2017b]
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This book describes the Null-Field Method with Discrete Sources (NFM-DS):

[Doicu et al. 2006]
Doicu, Adrian, Thomas Wriedt, and Yuri A. Eremin. Light scattering by systems of particles: null-field method with discrete sources: theory and programs. Vol. 124. Springer, 2006.

Other publications to which we refer in this user manual:

[Wiscombe 1980]
W.J. Wiscombe: “Improved Mie scattering algorithms”, Appl. Opt. 19, 1505-1509 (1980)
[Neves 2012]
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Publications that use Smuthi:

[Egel et al. 2017a]
Egel, A., Gomard, G., Kettlitz, S. W., & Lemmer, U. (2017). Accurate optical simulation of nano-particle based internal scattering layers for light outcoupling from organic light emitting diodes. Journal of Optics, 19(2), 025605.
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